Android TV Installation Guide

Step 1 - Identify your device.

Our Radiosity app can be installed on Android TVs from the Lollipop version

Our links are safe and secure from viruses.

Step 2 - Configure your Device

You must configure your device to accept app installs from unknown sources first.

Enter Settings and then Security & Restrictions

Once there you must enable the Unknown Sources option.

Step 3 - Download and Install Downloader

After configuring your device you must download an app called Downloader

On your Android TV, in the Apps menu, click on Search and type downloader.

Select the application to start the download and installation.

Once installed, it will ask you for access permissions to what you must select Allow

After this a window will appear with the quick guide to use, to which you must click OK

Step 4 - Download and Install Radiosity

It will open on the home screen where you must enter the following address and click OK

The Radiosity app download will start.

Once downloaded, it will ask you if you want to install, click on Install

The application proceeds to install. In case of error, you should go back to the beginning of step 2 since it does not allow you to install due to the lack of permission from unknown sources.

Once finished select Open


Step 5 - Link and Activate your Device

Once Radiosity app is installed, open it and wait for the initialization screen.

There an activation code will appear, which must be sent by whatsapp to +507 6313-6000 with your order number to confirm that it was completed.

The code will be used to link your device to our platform and from then on you will not need to send it again unless you uninstall Radiosity or remove the link to your device. Once linked, this screen will appear:

Where Account will be the permanent user of this account and device. Once you click Continue, the main menu of the application will appear where you can enjoy your 30 days of Entertainment without Borders!

When you renew your subscription, upon receipt of payment for the order we will automatically activate your device with the new subscription period. Do not forget to put in your order the user of the device to renew.


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