Amazon Fire Stick Installation Guide

Step 1 - Identify your device.

If you purchased the Amazon Fire Stick along with your subscription, there is no need to worry as the Radiosity app will already be delivered pre-installed and activated.

In case you already have your own Fire Stick device registered in your name with Amazon, continue with step 2.

Step 2 - Configure your Amazon Fire Stick

You must first configure your device to accept app installs from unknown sources.

For this, you must enter Settings and then Device

On the next screen, you should select Apps from Unknown Sources.

You will be asked if you want to enable this option. Choose Turn On

Step 3 - Download and Install Downloader

You should look in the magnifying glass for the application Downloader

After selecting it, click on Get and proceed to install. The application once installed should click Open. It will ask for authorization to access your photos, media and files, select Allow.

Once access is allowed, the application shows you a short user guide.

On this screen you should select OK and proceed to step 4.

Step 4 - Download and Install Radiosity

It will remain on the home screen where you must enter the following address and click OK.

Radiosity app download will start.

Once downloaded, select Install on the prompt screen.

The application proceeds to install. In case of an error, you should go back to the beginning of step 2 since it does not allow you to install because of installation from unknown sources is disabled.

Once installed select Open.


Step 5 - Link and Activate your Device

Once installed Radiosity, open it and wait for the startup screen.

An activation code will appear. Send it via whatsapp to 6313-6000 with your order number to validate activation.

This code will link your device to our platform. After activation you won’t need to link again unless you uninstall Radiosity or unlink your account from device. Once linked this screen will show:

Account is the permanent username that identify this device. Click Continue, Home menu will show and you can start enjoying your app!

On susbcription renewal, we will activate the new subscription automatically as soon as we receive your payment and username.

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